Andrian Candu: Moldova stopped understanding what opposition is after

During PDM's meeting today, Andrian Candu has spoken regarding opposition, especially their demands to forsake the uninominal voting system. 

"It is simply ridiculous for Maia Sandu, representative of a Democratic Party, to demand us abandonment of the uninominal voting system. She was even a representative of PLDM, when they came up with the idea to change the voting system.

Even Andrei Năstase became very confusing, because he, along with DA Party, fought for a year for the voting system to become uninominal and now, when this is finally happened, he suddenly changed his mind.

Republic of Moldova stopped understanding what the opposition is after.

Next week we will come up with some methods of offering information to the opposition, so that we will have a consolidated opposition", Andrian Candu stated.

At the same time, Andrian Candu has also specified that the Republic of Moldova, simply need a consolidated opposition.


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