Andrian Candu: Let us hope that First House project will assist young people in purchasing real estate

The "First House" project was approved. The Parliament voted it during the second reading and it is meant to support young people who wish to purchase real estate, but do not have enough money for mortgage loan. Therefore, the state will pay off half of the credit offered by the bank.

"Let us hope that this project will help young people to purchase have a house. Using this occasion, Mr. Minister of Finance, I ask of you: let us implement well this project, while the control mechanism of the Parliament will keep watch for this project to be implemented effectively" Andrian Candu said.

According to this project, all Moldovans under 45 years old, who have an official employment, will be able to apply for the "First House" project.

Another condition is for them to not own any other real estate or mortgage credit, while their monthly salary must be twice as big as the monthly rate.

First of all, they must pay 10% of the total worth of the apartment or house, while its total amount must not exceed one million lei.

At the same time, deputies have decided that all incomes from abroad of the spouses, or close relatives which will be used within the "First House" program will be considered eligible. 

After the program will be implemented, the possibility to extend the list of beneficiaries will be examined. Especially for Moldovans who work abroad.

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