Andrian Candu invited members of US Congress to monitor parliamentary elections in Moldova

The Parliament Speaker invited members of the Senate and the members of the US Room of Representatives to monitor parliamentary elections in Moldova to be convinced of the correctness of the electoral process and the elections.

The invitation was made during the meetings that Andrian Candu had in Washington, where he made a working visit to the invitation of the US Congress.

The Parliament Speaker called for support from hybrid threats and strengthening the state's institutional capacity to respond to current security risks. Andrian Candu referred to the media, banking, energy, security zone on the Dniester and the whole spectrum of political and foreign direct implications and disguised as areas primarily targeted at hybrid war.

Senator John Barrasso, a member of the Foreign Relations Committee and the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources, has expressed concern about foreign implications in Moldova's internal affairs. The Senator stressed Moldova's support and, in this context, pledged to promote the Moldova pro-US resolution in the US Senate.

Congressman Adam Kinzinger, member of the Foreign Policy Committee and Energy and Commerce House of Representatives, US Congress appreciated the evolution and progress in Moldovan-American relations, noting that supports the development of cooperation in strategic areas.

Adam Kinzinger assured US support for Moldova over hybrid threats. The Congress underlined the US opening for full support in Moldova's aspiration to be part of Western civilization. Support and opening for our country from Congress also announced Congressman Will Hurd, a permanent member of the Security Commission.

The officials also addressed regional issues and encouraged the development of cooperation on the common defense field between Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine, a commitment launched at the Chisinau Conference on March 2,

Andrian Candu, Parliament Speaker, is on a working visit to Washington on December 4-8. Andrian Candu will take part in a speech at the Parliamentary Intelligence Security Forum and the launch of the Moldova-US Business Council. The President's last visit to the US took place on June 25th.

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