Andrian Candu in Criuleni: We will carry on healthcare investments

PDM will continue place high priority on family support and healthcare projects. The statement belongs to President of Parliament, PDM vice-president Andrian Candu, who visited Criuleni District Hospital on Monday, along with PDM candidate for the constituency 21, Veaceslav Burlac, President of district.

Around 301 employees are working at the district hospital. 13,800 patients approached the emergency unit last year. Approximately 9 million lei was invested in renovating maternity hospital and emergency unit of the Hospital. 

"Many investments were made for the Criuleni Hospital in the last year. New maternity section looks good now and I hope more and more children are born in this hospital. We must continue investing in modern equipment and specialists. Lots of things must continue in the next four years", said Andrian Candu, in the discussion with hospital staff.

Doctors told Parliament President that measures taken in health system have made radical changes including salary increase which encourages people to remain home. 

"I'm glad that we could make commitments and improve health system in the country, as well as offer real solutions for young specialists - First House program, child allowances. We will continue by following our commitments because we believe this approach is right", said Andrian Candu.

The Democrats team also discussed with professors at Boris Dînga high school, school of Art and Professional School in Criuleni.

At the same time, Andrian Candu pointed out that more than 1,800 schools, colleges and kindergartens in Moldova have been renovated and equipped in recent years, including with the support of development partners. At the same time, teachers' salaries increased by over 80% in 3 years, and the allowances for young specialists were increased from 45,000 lei to 120,000 lei.

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