Andrian Candu: I had to chose the lesser evil, at the second round of the elections

Who did President of Parliament vote for?

Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament said he voted for Andrei Nastase at the second round of the elections. Andrian Candu said that he was obliged to chose the lesser evil.

"I have a lot of questions for Nastase, for example, what did he do in Moscow, when he went there to met with Usatii. There was a period when Usatii, Dodon and Nastase were friends. They were organizing protests together. I didn't accuse Nastase of having a good relationship with Usatii and Dodon, I had a questing regarding the other meetings he had in Moscow", declared Andrian Candu.

The President of the Parliament also recognized that in the first round he voted for Silvia Radu.

"I know about her activity at Fenosa and the results she had. She has been in the City Hall for a very short period to prove her management qualities", said Andrian Candu.

The President of the Parliament commented on Maia Sandu's criticism regarding the regulation due to what the foreigners can obtain the Republic of Moldova citizenship. Candu said that the PAS leader lies when she says that this project threatens the security of the country. Especially, because this practice is supported in other countries.  

"I have never heard a bigger stupidity. Either she is not a professional, especially an economy one. I don't understand how did my colleagues, Dodon, Lupu supported her when she became the Minister of Education", said the chief of the Legislative. 

Candu also refereed to Ilan Sor's accusation to Maia Sandu. The Orhei mayor says that Maia Sandu was receiving additional money for her activity when she was the Minister of Education.

"-I think that Sor supported PLDM a lot. It is only an opinion. -What does Maia Sandu has to do with that money? She was a PLDM member", said Andrian Candu.

Maia Sandu didn't reply to comment on Andrian Candu's declarations. 

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