Andrian Candu: Drivers will not stop breaching traffic law unless they experience the consequences on their own skin

Chiefs and representatives from international organizations promoting and supporting policies and projects for road safety have met today in London, to speak of Global Objectives for Durable Development regarding Road Safety.
At the conference, organized at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development's headquarter, participated President of Moldovan Parliament, Andrian Candu, along with Lord Robertson of Port Ellen and Barry Sheerman, members of Chamber of Deputies, President of Global Network for Road Safety Legislators, who spoke of the importance of authorities implicating to ensure global road safety.
"In the past few years, in Moldova, the number of car accidents lowered. Still, the number is rather big for our country. One of the main causes is speeding in bad weather conditions, lowered visibility, traffic. Drivers have to end up in a car accident to realize the risks of using excessive speed. Therefore, we wish to implement a training program, where drivers will have to live through such an experience in a virtual world" Andrian Candu declared.
During the presentation, the speaker has also addressed the matter of pedestrians. Each year, hundreds of people pass away when cross the streets in unfit places, or even at crosswalks. To reduce the numbers, Andrian Candu declared that drivers who will not prioritize a pedestrian at crosswalks will be punished, but also that they will continue to promote lessons explaining traffic law in schools, supported by the National Patrol Inspectorate and Car Club from Moldova.
President of Moldovan Parliament has spoken of national roads from Republic of Moldova most of which, have a high-risk degree, according to the previous study made by SENSOR project. In this context, Andrian Candu expressed his gratitude toward BERD representatives for financing the projects for road infrastructure modernization all over the country, which contributes, in its turn, to road safety.
Andrian Candu accepted to become Ambassador of Road Safety at the beginning of this year, at the suggestion of Emma MacLennan, director of "Eastern Alliance for Safe and Sustainable Transport".
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