Andrian Candu: DPM will give ACUM prime-minister office and even the right to run the country

If ACUM leaders accepted the dialogue and even if DPM has more seats in the Parliament, they are ready to offer ACUM the opportunity to lead the Government and also the prime-minister office.

This declaration was made by Andrian Candu, the Parliament speaker within a briefing. 


"If the leaders of ACUM accepted our invitation to dialogue, they would have noticed that DPM is flexible and they are first of all interested in the responsibilities they have for the citizens. Even if DPM has more seats in the Parliament than ACUM, we can offer them an important role and the Governance. We can even offer them the prime-minister office", said Andrian Candu.

Also, the official said that one important thing in politics is for the politicians to talk with each other. 

"DPM launched a public invitation for ACUM to participate at negotiations, but it was rejected. We regret that they did that."

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