Andrian Candu: "Country’s re-integration favorized by introduction of uninominal voting"

The country’s re-integration will be favorized by the introduction of uninominal voting. The inhabitants from the transdniestrian region might be represented in the Parliament from Chişinău. Solely the best candidates could win the elections.

This is what Andrian Candu, the Parliament’s president declared within the debates regarding the electoral system’s change.

The introduction of uninominal voting will insure the most appropriate competitivity conditions for the candidates to parliamentary elections, Andrian Candu declared.

"It is very much vociferated that it is easy to corrupt the deputy or it is, first of all let us not underestimate  the elector from Moldova, there exists the possibility that the best personalities be elected from the territory and come, be present in the Parliament. "

The leader of the party "Dignity and Truth", on the other side, of the mafia men Ţopa, Andrei Năstase mentioned that he opposes to the possibility to revoke the deputies from the position.

It is to mention that this mechanism is proposed in the project regarding uninominal voting’s introduction.

"The introduction of a system of recalling of the nation’s elected is non-constitutional and comes in contradiction with article 68. The deputy mandate’s independence is limited by the revoking’s risk ".

Several NGO’s in partnership with the Institute for Development and Social Initiatives “Future” and Association “Adept” organize the debates.


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