Andrian Candu: Constitutional Court solved blockage generated by Igor Dodon

"The Constitutional Court offered a solution for the blockage generated by Igor Dodon, who decided to ignore the norms of the Supreme Law. As an interim of the President, I will sign the decree of the new ministers", commented Andrian Candru, the President of the Parliament on the Constitutional Court's decision.
PUBLIKA.MD remind that a group of deputies inflicted the Constitutional Court according to the procedure of justification the interim of the President. This happened after Igor Dodon rejected to approve the new ministers and deputy ministers, twice.
According to Andrian Candu, the decision of the Constitutional Court will solve the blockage generated by Igor Dodon, whose powers are suspended temporary, only on the element of calling in function the new members of the Government.
The magistrates of the Constitutional Court suspended Igor Dodon from function in the case of naming the new members of the Government. After he refused to fulfill his obligations stipulated in Constitution, he rejected the new candidates in the Government, twice. If such cases appear in future, the Constitutional Court will be involved.

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