Andrian Candu congratulates Moldova's citizens on Christmas in new style

Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu congratulated the Christians who celebrate today's Birth of the Savior on a new style through a video clip.

Merry Christmas and welcome a new year when we'll regain trust and hopes. These days are so wonderful and good chances for family gathering. Above all, we want the same thing - a united and prosperous country. 

I address who have lost hopes, who have lived far from family or who are infected by pessimism, to raise hopes and kindness in us. 

Everything is changing now. Moldova is changing. It's we who change this country. 

Let's enjoy the Christmas with its peace and generosity, leave behind the worries, anger and open the door for our dear guests. 

Let's wish for the coming year with joy, peace, love and better results. 

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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