Andrian Candu commented on the decision of communists to boycott the February referendum: This is like a game and they act like children

The political parties have different opinions regarding the consultative referendum that will take place on February 24, 2019, on the same day as the parliamentary elections. The socialists and the communists are against it. In this context, the president of the parliament commented on the decision of the left wing parties.

"I knew that the decision of the communist parties will be like this. I knew they don't want to organize a referendum. But, I am surprised that the socialists support the idea to reduce the number of deputies in Parliament.

But, we support the referendum", said Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that according to the most recent survey of Vox populi, realized by the Sociologist Association, 72% of the Moldovans want a reduced number of deputies.

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