Andrian Candu at PACE: It's big risk that new government will confound these high expectations

Democrat MP Andrian Candu denounced the abuse against the Moldovan parliamentary opposition parties at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). Mr Candu, the member of Moldovan delegation to PACE also reported that the opposition parliamentary parties are limited in their freedom of speech and actions. Many abuses and breach of rules and procedures when the Parliamentary immunity is lifted, Candu said. 

"Although we hear strong statements from the Government about good intentions, unfortunately, the actions show opposite. A real “witch hunting” was launched against the leaders and members of the opposition parties.[...] Many abuses and breach of rules and procedures when the Parliamentary immunity is lifted. [...] Council of Europe shall stay close and monitor what is happening in Moldova. Everybody has high expectations for the new Government, but there is a big risk that these high expectations for success will turn into a big failure," mentioned Candu. 

Andrian Candu highlighted that hundreds of people, professionals working in the Government or other state institutions, were fired just because they worked with previous Governments.

"And this is happening while Moldova is facing a difficult challenge with the lack of qualified human resources, many Moldovans leaving the country" ,added the Democrat MP. 

The ruling coalition set up a very important goal – to de-politicize the institutions. For example, the Constitutional Court.

"Majority of judges to the Constitutional Court, which were recently appointed, are members of the ruling parties. President of the Constitutional Court is one of the leaders of the ruling party, the Socialist Party of Moldova", said Andrian Candu. 

Moreover, he noted that important laws are approved without any expertise from Venice Commission, as it was the recent case, when the Superior Council of Prosecutors, was replaced by the Government commission to select candidates for General Prosecutor, while the Constitution provides otherwise. 

Before closing his speech, Andrian Candu referred to the local elections and early elections on October 20th. 

"It is very important that the authorities ensure that all democratic standards are followed. Unfortunately, we see already a big issue - some independent candidates were refused to be registered. [...] My conclusion is that Council of Europe shall stay close and monitor what is happening in Moldova", Andrian Candu concluded. 

The Moldovan delegation to PACE is led by Doina Gherman, President of Parliamentary Comission "Committee for human rights and inter-ethnic relations", Inga Grigoriu, Vice-President of Committee for environment and regional development and Andrian Candu, member of Parliamentary Comission "Committee on Foreign Policy and European Integration".




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