Andrian Candu announced the beginning of Parliament's reform

Andrian Candu has announced the beginning of Parliament's reform. It foresees the total number of employees to lessen by 40%, reducing the spending by nearly 35 million lei.

According to Candu, this reform is meant to bring efficiency, transparency and bring the Parliament closer to citizens.

"Today we wish to being the Parliament's reform. After the Government's reform, which we consider a success, with multiple optimizations. The next big reform we wish to perform concerns the Parliament. We wish to make it more efficient and transparent. We will cut down the spending by lessening the number of employees by over 40%, therefore saving over 35 million lei. This amount being preliminary" Andrian Candu said.

The President of Moldovan Parliament also declared that  members of the Standing Bureau are supporting the idea, regardless of their parties and colors.

"I spoke today with my colleagues from the Standing Bureau and am glad that we all came to an understanding, regardless of our parties and colors. We all agreed that this reform is necessary" Andrian Candu said.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that earlier, after the Government's reform, seven Ministries out of the existing 16 were liquidated. At the same time, out of 2 053 employees remained only 1 158.

At the same time, Deputy Ministers were replaced by Secretaries of State.

The Government's reform was approved by the Parliament at the beginning of July, after it was elaborated with the help of external partners.

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