Andrian Candu, after meeting with Venice Commission: They provided several legal and technical recommendations

The Venice Commission has established several technical and legal recommendations for the change of the electoral system. Authorities are committed to fully implement them. The statement belongs to the President of Parliament, Andrian Candu, and was made after the meeting with the Venice Commission.

According to Andrian Candu, the recommendations of the Venice Commission aim the voting in the Diaspora and the voting in the Transnistrian region. 

"Several technical and legal recommendations have been provided. We are committed to fully implement them" , stated Andrian Candu for Publika TV. 

Andrian Candu highlighted that the members of the Venice Commission think the change of the electoral system is the legal right of Moldovan authorities. 

"The Venice Commission said it all depends on the majority. It's very important for us to ensure that majority, both in the society and in the Parliament" , said Andrian Candu. 

"Obviously, the opinion of the Venice Commission is going to be a basis for our decision. There are several remarks, we will need to work on them and improve the draft law. The bill will still be publicly debated, and all recommendations will be implemented" , stated Candu. 

Publika.MD recalls that recently, the Democratic Party of Moldova leader Vlad Plahotniuc said the opinion of the Venice Commission will be analyzed. The document provides for 50 deputies to be elected on party lists, and 51 - directly for citizens. The draft was voted in first reading by 74 deputies.

Over 60-per-cent of citizens of Moldova support the change of the electoral system, according to the data provided by the american company Lake Research Partners. 


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