Andrian Candu after meeting with Committees' Presidents: New parliamentary control methods on table, ex-post

New parliamentary control methodology was on the table, declared Parliament Speaker Andrian Candu in his speech on the Legislature's priorities for the Spring-Summer session, in a meeting with the Chairmen of the Standing Parliamentary Committees. 

"We discussed a new issue for Legislative, a new parliamentary control methodology, ex-post. It refers to the laws that have existed for at least 3 years. In this parliamentary session, together with civil society, we'll identify 2-3 laws which have an impact on society and which are current to go through the new method. It's much wider and complicate control", said  Andrian Candu.

 Additionally, the chief of legislature mentioned the achievements and failures, reviewed aspects of the implementation of Association Agreement. 

"It worked quite well. I also reviewed the achievements of the Hearing and Parliamentary Control Plan. We discussed the plans for 2018. Each Commission prepared its parliamentary hearings and the laws which will come in this control. They will be approved at the first meeting of the Standing Bureau next week,"concluded the President of the Parliament.

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