Andrian Candu accuses Maia Sandu of trying to run away of Parliamentary Commission that investigates Open Dialog foundation's involvement in Moldova's politics

Maia Sandu's request to be heard within a public session at the Investigation Commission of the Parliament regarding the relationship between her and Open Dialog foundation is an attempt to block the investigation. This explanation belongs to Andrian Candu, the President of the Parliament, after the PAS leader asked to be heard in public, even if she knows that the law institutions from the country and the foreign ones are confidential.

"Mrs. Maia Sandu, I have heard your opinion on this subject. Are you doing it, only because you risk to be questioned about it later? You know that the information delivered by the law institution of a country are confidential.

Probably, your lawyers did their job right and told you that you can block the hearings if you insist to evolve an open discussion on this subject. I confirm, it is like this. I think that this is your target.

I want to tell you that the investigation commission is obliged to present you the confidential information that have been delivered by the foreign law institutions. But, this can only be done within an closed session, because a part of the information contains confidential data.

In case the session will be open, the memebrs of the inestigtion commission and the MPs will be punished. Is that what you want?
You cause troubles to the commission: either can get heard in an open session and do not present your evidence to answer the questions, or you cannot be heardbecause you found a false pretext not to come.

The investigation commission is obliged to present you their information on this case, so you can show your point of view. The discussion will be recorded in the final report.

If you have nothing to hide, you can show up at the hearings and reply the questions you will be asked. You are free to declare your point of view to the press. 

At the end I want to assure you that I will do everything necessary to publish the investigation when it will be done", said Andrian Candu.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that at the first hearings organized by the investigation commission of the Parliament regarding the relationship between Open Dialog foundation and Moldovan politicians, there were invited representatives of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, The Service of Fighting Against Money Laundering, The Service of Information and Security, the General Prosecutor's Office and the Central Election Commission. The General Prosecutor's Office was announced that the law doesn't allow the prosecutors to attend the hearings.

The hearings took place within a closed session, as the Service of Security Information decided. 

According to the first information of the commission, it has been proven that many foreign NGOs evolved activity that didn't obey Moldova's integrity. 

This summer, Ludmila Kozlovska, the leader of the NGO was expelled from the EU, because of her relationship with the Russian secret services. Recently, some officials of OSCE accused the foundation for making lobby to many offenders.


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