Andrei Nastase won't accompany Maia Sandu to Kiev?

Deputy prime minister and Internal Minister Andrei Nastase won't accompany Maia Sandu to Kiev. Within a press reference, prime minister said that she would visit Ukraine with one of her advisors and Foreign Affairs Minister Nicu Popescu. 

PM Maia Sandu will pay a working visit to Kiev on July 11. 

Asked by journalists to explain our neighbor about Andrei Nastase's vote favoring Russia at PACE. 

"The matter of this question is if they will ask. Let's not express an opinion on the thing we don't know if it will happen", said Maia Sandu. 

Publika reminds that Moldovan delegation led by Andrei Nastase helped Moscow regain the right to vote within Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE). Deputy of PPDA Andrei Nastase and Socialist Vlad Batrîncea favored this. PAS Deputy Mihai Popşoi was against this. 

After this voting, Andrei Nastase and Vlad Batrîncea were invited to visit Donbas. The President of Ukraine announced that all those who voted in favor of giving Russia the right to vote at the PACE are waiting for them in the east of the country. Vladimir Zelenski believes that only the PACE deputies will understand what disaster the Russian Federation has caused in Ukraine. The invitation was launched by Zelenski at the EU-Ukraine summit in Kiev.



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