Andrei Nastase says PPDA would not vote Zinaida Greceanii as the PARLIAMENT PRESIDENT

Andrei Nastase is suggesting that PPDA would not vote Zinaida Greceanii as the Parliament president and is waiting from PSRM a 'less publicly shamed' candidate.

'PPDA is conditionally committing to vote a righteous candidate in the function of Parliament's president, uninvolved in corruption schemes and immoral acts, proposed by PSRM, only after achieving the up-mentioned conditions of the public document', declared Andrei Nastase.
Asked by the journalists if they will vote in particularity Zinaida Greceanii as the speaker, Andrei Nastase avoided to give a certain answer.
The journalists insisted to the PPDA leader to answer with YES or NO to the question, but Andrei Nastase again dodged the question.
'-All I can say is we tried to unlock the situation. -Will you vote for Zinaida Greceanii or no?-This was the only answer I can give you for now, aside of any speculations', answered Andrei Nastase.

Also, he reiterated that PPDA has it's own candidate for this function, Andrei Nastase.

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