Andrei Nastase rejects alliance with Socialist Party in Chisinau Municipal Council

Moldova's President Igor Dodon is blackmailing bloc ACUM and could create another parliamentary majority in the legislature, Andrei Nastase has announced on a private TV's show. 

Socialist Party previously offered to make an alliance with bloc ACUM in the local administration. Nastase rejected this offer right from the beginning. PAS and PPDA also had the same commitment in February, yet they broke it quickly later. 

According to the candidate for Chisinau mayoralty, he does not want to experience the same event in Parliament when bloc ACUM signed a collaboration agreement with PSRM. 

"You don't see what Dodon does daily? He's blackmailing us. He said if the Socialist Party wanted, he would replace the minsters. Why do I need to tolerate him and listen to him? There will be a moment he will have to pay for everything", said Nastase. 

He dislikes the idea Socialists will dominate the Chisinau municipal council, therefore, he wants to reject an alliance with PSRM. 

"My preference is a pro-European alliance which ensures the projects to reconstruct the Chisinau capital", he added. 

Socialist Party candidate for Chisinau mayoralty Ion Ceban and the party leader Zinaida Greceanîi offered yesterday to make alliance with bloc ACUM in the local administration. 

Publika recalls that before the parliamentary elections in February, PAS and PPDA signed a public commitment not to make any formal and informal alliance with Socialist Party. 

However, bloc ACUM created a parliamentary majority with PSRM not long after that. Moreover, in the four months being in power, these parties "shared" with each other many positions in important state institutions and signed a new collaboration accord recently. 

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