Andrei Nastase recognizes naming his godson the chief of IGP and doesn't see a problem with that

Andrei Nastase says one thing, while Maia Sandu says another. The freshly-named Ministry of Interior Affairs recognizes being an opportunist by naming his godson the chief of the General Police Inspectorate and doesn't see a problem with that. On other side, the PM Maia Sandu, who is also an alliance colleague with Nastase, has doubts about Balan's remaining into function.

'It is  necessary for this thing to happen fast. The naming into General Police Inspectorate chief of Gheorghe Balan. You know who is Balan', said the Internal Affairs Minister, Andrei Nastase.

Andrei Nastase have been put multiple times into the situation to recognize that Gheorghe Balan is his godson, but he avoided to do it. Last week, Balan was presented as the chief of IGP. A week after that, Nastase changed his declarations and said that Balan is an interim.

'-Is he your godson?
-Miss, calm down.
-I want you to answer the question.
-The affinities that I have with Balan don't have something in common with his naming into the function of interim-chief of IGP', said the Internal Affairs Minister, Andrei Nastase.

Meantime, Maia Sandu says that Balan's naming into funtion was a decision of moment and it could be reviewed.

'It was a crisis situation. Now we passed the crisis and this problem will be resolved. If there are any conflicts of interests, the decision must be cancelled', says Maia Sandu.

In this context, PDM condemns PSRM-PAS-PPDA alliance for promoting relatives into functions with a total lack of transparency. Of this reason, the Democrats request his resignation, because of the existing of an obvious conflict of interests.

Despite the uncertain situation about naming Balan into function, Nastase went to IGP, where he met Balan with the policemen. But the people of law didn't consider the new chiefs of MAI and IGP and refused to honor them. In return, the policemen greeted the former chief-assistant of IGP, Gheorghe Cavcaliuc.

Before getting into power in Government and Parliament, PAS and PPDA assured the poblic opinion that if they get into governance, in Moldova will stop the relative favoritism in politics. Also, Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase were saying that they don't need functions, even though they now got key-functions in state institutions. nastase leads the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the institutions with the most employees, which he insulted multiple times at organized rallies by his parties.

'-Who are you? -From police. -Introduce yourself. -What are you looking for? Don't you want to leave? Get out from here or I'll take you by myself. -The people will get you out from here', said the Internal Affairs Minister, Andrei Nastase.
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