Andrei Nastase, PPDA leader defends Ludmila Kozlovska, the President of Open Dilalog foundation

Andrei Nastase, PPDA leader defends Ludmila Kozlovska, the President of Open Dilalog foundation. Recently, she was expelled from the EU for her relationship with Russian secret forces. Within a press conference, Andrei Nastase confirmed that he participated at an event organized by Open Dialog NGO.

"I don't know if Ludmila Kozlovska has a criminal file in Ukraine. I don't have any relationships with her. One thing I want to say, she leads a NGO. At the initiative of some MEPs, I attended an event where the NGO also came, within the European Parliament", declared Andrei Nastase, PPDA President.

Nastase doesn't want the authorities to investigate if the NGO got involved in the internal affairs of Moldova and funded some political parties.

"The initiative to create a Parliamentary Commission to verify this NGO is stupid", said Andrei Nastase, the PPDA leader.

Within the same conference, the PPDA leader refused to say where does he get money to pay for his needs, as he is not employed. 

"You should ask me questions of public interest. I pay for the costs with the money I earned when I was working", said Andrei Nastase, the PPDA president.

Previously, the Zeppelin journalists said that Open Dialog NGO funded by Muhtar Abliazov oligarch made lobby in Europe for the parties leaded by Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase, but also for Veaceslav Platon, the No.1 raider in CSI. The NGO also paid the Maia Sandu's visits at the European institutions. Even if Maia Sandu denied these accusations, Ludmila Kozlovska approved these.

Recently, in Warsaw, the officials of many organizations accused Open Dialog foundation for making lobby to some dangerous criminals. Moreover, it has been mentioned, that Kozlovska manipulates and uses fake information to influence the decisions of the European Parliament, the European Commission and the European Council.

At the end of August, Andi Cristea MEP requested to investigate the funding sources of Open Dialog.

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