Andrei Nastase named his relatives in offices. Who is new IGP chief

They promised that Moldova will no longer face corruption if they take the power. In a couple of days since he is a deputy, Andrei Nastase already named his relative Gheorghe Balan, the chairman of the General Police Inspectorate.

When being asked why did he do that, Nastase pretended he knows nothing.

Reporter: Why did you name Balan the chairman of IGP?
Nastase: Mr.Balan was named...
Reporter: Is he a relative of yours?
Nastase: Please, be decent.
Reporter: He is a relative of yours. How could you do that?
Nastase: Please, respect the deontology.
Reporter: Did you know that he was blamed of illegal drug trafficking?

Nicu Popescu, the minister of Foreign Affairs, of PSRM-ACUM alliance named Andrei Popop, his godfather in the office of cabinet chief. 

On a social media page, he commented he didn't break the law by doing that.


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