Andrei Năstase: Mandate validation is non-matter to me

The PPDA leader is no longer interested in the mayor mandate, however, he will appeal to the ECHR the decision to the invalidation of election. 

"I've found the way to get to ECHR, this's why I announce that I will claim the state of Republic of Moldova. I am not interested in validating the mandate too much," said PPDA leader Andrei Năstase.

Earlier, Năstase said he was not interested in the Court of Appeal's decision. This has led many political analysts to say that the situation is in the PPDA leader's favor, in view of the parliamentary elections in the autumn.

At a press conference, Andrei Năstase, PAS and PLDM leaders and some NGOs spoke about creating a resistance movement to get the following things:

"Validation of the elections in Chisinau, annulment of the mixed system, resignation and prosecution of the president of the Supreme Court of Justice and of the other judges responsible for the abusive decisions to cancel the elections," said PAS leader Maia Sandu.

Traditionally, Andrei Năstase has attacked journalists from the public television station. He is unhappy with the June 24th protest. The PPDA leader complains that the report was placed at the end of the 20:00 news program, although the recorded journal clearly shows that the material was broadcast at the third minute.

Moreover, Năstase was disturbed that the journalists from Moldova 1 published the number of participants in the Sunday protest presented by the police. 

Although the Liberals support the actions of the right-wing opposition, the Liberal Party leaders were not invited to the press conference of the so-called resistance movement, which is said to be a national one.

At another press conference, PL leaders demanded the resignation of the country's entire leadership.

"The Liberal Party considers that all this has happened with the direct competition of the first supreme positions in the state. We call for the resignation of Igor Dodon, President of the Republic of Moldova, Pavel Filip, Prime Minister, and Andrian Candu, Parliament President of", said Corina Fusu, the first deputy chairman of the PL.

Socialist Ion Ceban said he will not join the actions organized by PAS, PPDA and PLDM because it will betray the voters. Ceban is certain that Năstase is the main beneficiary of the current situation after the elections are canceled.

"-I don't see how to participate with the people who made us egg and vinegar. Andrei feels very well. Why take so much responsibility in the mayor's office?", said Ion Ceban, PSRM municipal councilor.

An almost similar situation occurred in 2016 in Romania. The PSD leader, Liviu Dragnea, was sentenced to two years in jail for urging the world to come to the referendum on the dismissal of the then president, Traian Băsescu.

The Romanian politician used his influence to ensure that the quorum for participation in the referendum would be fulfilled so that the vote would be validated.

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