Andrei Nastase is the new mayor of the Capital

The Capital residents decided the future of the city. Andrei Nastase, the PPDA leader won the elections.

After 99,35% of the protocols were processed, Andrei Nastase ranked first by 52,58% and Ion Ceban ranked second, by 47,42%.

Andrei Nastase is 42 year old, he is married and has three children. He is a lawyer.


He appeared on the political stage in 2015 and has a great wealth. He says he didn't earn any money in the last two years. According to the loan declaration, Andrei Nastase pays the bills on his wife's money, who has earned 64 thousand euros in the past days. Another source of income are the children's allowances worth 14 thousand euros.

Last year, the politician has bought an agricultural land. Besides, he also owns 11 houses, among which, one is placed in Bad Homburg. There live his family. In 2017, the PPDA candidate gained 35 thousand euros after stole a car.

The journalists also wrote that Nastase involved his mother in money laundering actions.

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