Andrei Năstase harassed Publika TV's team and tried to get rid of them

Another incident at the press conference of Dignity and Truth Party. It's leader, Andrei Năstase has intimidated Publika TV's team and tried to make them leave the room straight after the event. The Party's leader appeared disturbed by our colleagues who tried to film the autocue and by the reporter's questions.

Before the conference, Andrei Năstase hinted to our reporter that the autocue should not be filmed.

"Stop looking, there is nothing to see here. Miss, do your job and let our colleagues deal with it. -I cannot watch? -You can, but as I can see you are busy with things that are less..." the Party's leader said.

The autocue was necessary so that vice-president of Dignity and Truth Party, Alexandru Slusari could read from it the formation's declarations, but despite its presence, he spluttered in front of the journalists.

"Ensuring free access to the database of local public administrations, information systems, registers etc. from the info....infrastructure..domain, techno.....technical", Alexandru Slusari said.

 Publika TV's reporter asked simple question regarding the usage of an autocue during the press conference, which annoyed the Party's leader.

"I urge you to listen to your consciousness, to the morality of decent behavior in public places. You are so pathetic, so insignificant", Năstase declared.

Following, he tried to make the Publika TV reported to leave, despite the fact that there were still other journalists present.

"-The conference is done. I request you to leave, please. -Mr. Năstase, what are you doing? We are leaving, there is no need to push us. -I do not push you, we have another event planned" Dignity and Truth Party's leader stated.

It is not the first time when Andrei Năstase is harassing our crew. He has insulted and acted hostile toward our reporters on multiple occasions.

Publika TV urges non-governmental organizations and accredited embassies from Moldova to take actions regarding this case.

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