Andrei Năstase disfavors Maia Sandu: Person making false denunciation must be aware of penal reply

Leader of Dignity and Truth party,  Andrei Năstase has said in a press conference that he no longer wants to comment on Maia Sandu's political actions, with his party does not share with.

Moreover, the leader also states that PAS leader needs to be informed the penal reply drawn to her, if the denunciation of the PDM leader, Vlad Plahotniuc, is a slander or a fake.

"I don't know whether this is the case we should comment because we don't share the political actions with it. 

It's ordinary procedure, when the person who makes a denunciation surely has to be informed the criminal responsibility he carries in accordance with the law for a slanderous denunciation or a false denunciation, "said PPDA president Andrei Năstase .

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that PAS leader, Maia Sandu, accuses Vlad Plahotniuc, leader of the Democratic Party of Moldova, of usurpating power in the state because he is sitting and then making statements at the headquarters of the Democratic Party of Moldova.

The former Liberal-Democrat minister made this statement today after she left the Prosecutor's Office, where she was invited to be heard as a witness on the recent denouncement against the Democrat's President. She refused to present evidence in support of her claim, and she previously admitted that she had no evidence yet and had to accumulate them.

Maia Sandu, in particular, refered to the statements made by Vlad Plahotniuc after the weekly meetings of the Democratic Party of Moldova.

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