Andrei Nastase demands criminal procedure on PSRM's illegal financing and Dodon's treason

Andrei Nastase demanded the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office to annul the ordinance which rejected to initiate a criminal procedure on the Socialist Party's illegal foreign financing and the dismissal of President Igor Dodon for treason. 

The politician requested a thorough investigation into the events mentioned above. 

Publika recalls that the Anti-corruption Prosecutor's Office was notified the videos broadcast on Publika TV in which Igor Dodon let on with Vlad Plahotniuc he received 600-700,000 USD monthly from Russia to run the party.

On July 8, 2019, a refusal ordinance was issued to initiate the criminal procedure because "the illegal financing of PSRM was not confirmed" following the verification. 

According to Andrei Nastase, the video on Publika TV is authentic which should be examined as evidence. 

When asked why he made this request today, not when he was in government, Andrei Nastase replied he should follow specific legal procedures. He will appeal the request in court unless it is accepted. To hold a protest will not excluded, he said.

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