Andrei Nastase criticized Romanian Foreign Affairs Minister: I was ashamed when he said that

Andrei Nastase, the Minister of Interior Affairs was disappointed that the Romanian ministry of Foreign Affairs is interested in the political crisis from Moldova. Nastase criticized the attitude of Teoder Melescanu within an intervention at B1 TV.

"I was ashamed by what Mr.Melescanu said. After such countries as Germany, France, the UK brought some concrete messages, I felt ashamed by what Mr.Melescanu said!

I think that emergent measures should be taken in the Romanian politics. I don't want to give advice, but if it continues like that, then our love for the Romanian brothers will have to suffer.

It is hard for me to talk, because I know that many can not understand what am I saying. I am sure that there will be a lot of people who will blame me and think that I work for Plahotniuc.

I was sad, but I passed this moment", said Andrei Nastase.

We remind that Melescanu said that it is a normal thing that snap elections should take place in Moldova.

"In my opinion, the only solution to solve the political situation in Moldova is to make snap election."

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