Andrei Năstase carried out campaign in election day. What's difference between urging and agitation

New evidence proving the violation of electoral legislation by the DA party leader, Andrei Năstase appears on the election day June 3. According to a video posted by, Năstase not only urged the citizens to vote, but also launched a campaign. The video analyzed the behavior of several politicians who gave interviews on the day of ballot.

While some were very cautious and avoided making clear call to action, DA leader and deputy party leader Alexander Slusari ignores the rule and call all people to vote for Năstase.

- I urge all Moldovan citizens to vote and vote whom they consider good person. 

- We need to take down this regime, binomial  Plahotniuc-Dodon. 

Moreover, journalists compared Năstase's statements with those of former presidential candidate Maia Sandu, who is now a protest partner.

-I want to ask those who have not yet voted to do so. Your vote is very important to all of us.

-We have a huge chance to win. As many as possible people should go out to vote.


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