Andrei Năstase became aggressive and intimidated at citizens within electoral meeting

Andrei Năstase's electoral meetings continue trigger scandals. This time, the PPDA leader was aggressive at Criuleni after people tried to question him awkwardly.

- Can you answer more questions and then you go? Mr. Năstase, we understood humanly.
- I'll answer you now.
- Mr. Năstase!
- Please respect these people.
- I believe you!
- Please respect these people.

Moreover, after shaking this man, Andrei Năstase threatened to take him out.

- I'll get you out, you got it? 

- Why you take me out? 

- Did you understand?

- Why do you take me out?

- If not

- Why do you want to take me out? I'm interested, reason?

This is not the first time that Andrei Năstase is aggressive to people. Recently, the PPDA leader made surprise how he raised his voice and gave them lessons of conduct in the public space to the inhabitants of Dubasarii Vechi.

- You have posted on facebook that the roads are bad at Tohatin, Budesti.

- I do not accept the lie! You understand me or not?

- Do not raise your voice. Speak normally. "

Previously, Andrei Năstase was accused of not disclosing his property and being the exponent of his godfather Victor Topa, a businessman who fled to Moldovan justice in Germany.

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