Andrei Nastase, at a meeting with voters: "Topa brothers in jail! Nastase go home"

The PPDA leader, Andrei Nastase, was again booed at one of the electoral meetings organized in a suburb from Chisinau.

People's dissatisfaction was caused by Nastase's refusal to answer more questions about his fortune:

"Where are the millions?  - What are the questions? That's it, the microphone off and the people at home, they have stolen, Topa brothers in the prison, Down Nastase, Go home, Nastase". 

People at the election meeting also wanted to find out why the PAS-PPDA binomial is promoting candidates for a deputy chair that have a reputed compromise. And this question was left unanswered.

A few days ago, the PPDA leader, Andrei Nastase, was in another suburb of Chisinau. And there was voted there. This time, the locals reproached the candidate for the deputy chair in district 33 in the capital that he remembers them only before the elections, when he needs votes.

"You, come only when you need it here. Listen, bring papers and deceive people, but you better get your money and give it to a children's home, to the elderly", mentioned a resident of Bacioi.

And at a meeting in Geamana village in Anenii Noi district, Andrei Nastase asked a policeman to escape a voter who voiced his discontent with the actions of the PPDA leader. 

And at a meeting with the locals of Criuleni, Nastase raised his voice to the people and resorted to attacks and intimidation only to flee the answer:

"Maybe you answer some questions and after you go? Mr. Nastase, we did not agree.
- I answer your question now.
- Mr. Nastase!
- Please respect these people.
- I believe you!
- Please respect these people".

Asked on the phone, Andrei Nastase said he had no undeclared fortunes, but he did not want to comment on what is happening at the election meetings he attends.

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