Andrei Nastase again intimidated PUBLIKA TV journalists

Andrei Nastase, the godson of Victor Ţopa, the politician named as enemy of press, has attacked verbally Publika TV reporter Oxana Bodnar during a protest in Chisinau. Leader of PPDA used filthy language in discussion with our journalist and cameraman. 

At a press conference on last Tuesday, Nastase used filth language towards journalists while talking about decency. 

"Suddenly I woke up and became the enemy of public, enemy of press because of unethical attitude towards Prime TV journalist. Actually Prime TV comes along with Canal 2, Canal 3 for Publika WC", said DA leader Andrei Nastase. 

From the point of Nastase's view, attack against the press is subject to freedom of expression. 

"That's what people say, I only mention the people's opinion. I advocate for the freedom of expression", said Nastase. 

He has insulted journalists many times within press conferences. 

"I need to mention Prime, Canal 2, Canal 3, Publika WC. To be decent, and better as much as you can". 

DA leader Andrei Nastase appeared on panel of "Enemy of press" installed in front of Parliament headquarter on the World Press Freedom. 

Journalists who included Nastase in this list reasoned that this politician attacked journalists of Prime TV. 

"On February 12, at a press conference organized by ACUM representatives, Andrei Nastase suddenly grabbed microphone of Prime TV. Moreover, Prime chief editor Ana Butnariuc was accused by ACUM members of asking questions "with guts" and "destroying" the conference. 

In 10-2017, he also intimidated Publika TV reporter Oxana Bodnar and forced her to leave the press conference after our team intended to film his speech in front of the press.  

The politician attacked verbally not only our journalists but also other journalists such as from Moldova 1, Național Newspaper, because they didn't show pleased with his behaviors. 

Nastase is the number 1 enemy of Publika TV. This remains until he will make a public excuse to our television. 



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