Andrei Brăguţă case drawn to an end. Multiple employees from DOC released from duty

The investigation upon the deceased inmate Andrei Brăguţă, from detention facility No. 16, has drawn to an end. The Ministry of Justice has punished multiple employees who have not performed their duties properly. 

Following, the deputy warden of prison No. 16, along with the director of the prison No. 13 medical service, from Chisinau, were sanctioned and released from their duties. 

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Andrei Brăguţă died on 26th August, according to the expertise the cause was respiratory insufficiency, purulent bronchopneumonia. The case resulted in the suspension of four police officers, along with five employees from Prison No 13 and No 16. Andrei Brăguţă was arrested on 15th August for speeding, cursing and attacking police officers. In 2012, the young man was diagnosed with a chronic mental disorder, which could develop into paranoid schizophrenia.

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