Andi Cristea: I confirm 10 conditions are fulfilled. Moldova might receive financial assistance before Chisinau City Hall election

Moldova could receive the first installment of the macro-financial assistance before the elections for Chisinau City Hall. Social Democratic MEP Andi Cristea has discussed this topic at the Moldova - EU Parliamentary Association Committee Reunion. 

"The decision is not at the level of the European Parliament, we discussed the approval of macro-financial assistance last year. At the moment, after we took the opinion of the Venice Commission in practice, the European External Action Service is in a process of analysis, reflection and I am sure we will receive good news shortly.

I confirm that the 10 conditions have been fulfilled by Moldova for granting the first installment, the fact that this conditionality element exists is a positive thing because it puts a political, beneficial pressure on the Moldovan authorities to implement the reforms included in the association.

It is a matter of time if the decision was at the level of the European Parliament, and if it depended on me, the money would have gone much faster, I think it is also a political signal that the European Union must give for to support the current European path. I must point out that the Government of Filip is a good partner in dialogue, not just serious but also efficient. I am confident that the first installment will come before the elections for Chisinau City Hall, "said MEP Andi Cristea.

PUBLIKA.MD reminds that the macro-financial assistance program for our country stipulates that 40 million EUR is to be provided in the form of a grant, and 60 million EUR - in the form of a loan.

Disbursements will be made in three equal installments, depending on the progress made in implementing the 28 conditions negotiated with the European Union.

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