Anatol Ţăranu: PDM-PSRM alliance would be a suicide of the Democrats

The alliance between the PDM and the PSRM would be a suicide of the Democrats. The statement was made yesterday, by the political analyst, Anatol Ţăranu, in the program "Tema Zilei" on Channel 2. The expert explained that, given the PDM will accept the role of secondary play in the socialist game, then it risks disappearing, with although the goal of the Democrats is to absorb the PSRM electorate and destroy this pro-Russian party.

"The alliance between Democrats and Socialists, which may be episodic, in the short term and which may, in a way, favor some representatives of the Democratic Party. In the medium and long term, it is definitely suicidal for Democrats, "said Anatol Taranu.

Besides, the PAS MP, Virgiliu Pîslariuc, who was also present at the show, suggested that the meeting between Democrats and Socialists last day should not surprise anyone. According to him, the relationship between the two parties has been shaped since the Chicu Government was invested, and now a timid exit is made in public. Pîslariuc also mentioned in the Channel 2 show that this executive is maintained due to the vote of the Democrats and that together with the Socialists they have formed a very well-defined majority.



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