Analysts comment on Venice Commission's recommendations concerning new electoral system in Moldova

The Venice Commission has proposed an array of technical and legal improvements concerning the change of the electoral system, and, by no means, has it given a negative notice, as Moldovan opposition parties allege.

Statements in this respect were made last night on a talk-show at Publika TV.

"Moldova addressed the Venice Commission to make sure the draft changing the electoral system matches the good practices. But the two bills are the topic of political battles in Moldova, not of  legal and technical disputes," said the scientist Victor Juc.

Some guests stated choosing the electoral system is any state’s sovereign right, the Venice Commission experts can make but recommendations.

Doctor at Law Vitalie Catană stated the Commission’s recommendations blasted all the expectations of the parties disliking the change: "This notice destroyed all their illusions, all their predictions, all their requests. It could help being otherwise because the Commission is bound by its own standards in drafting and adopting such notices and recommendations."

The draft meant to change the voting system provides that 50 legislators should be elected on party lists and 51 directly, in constituencies. It was passed with 74 votes out of 101 in the first reading.

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