Analysts about PDM-PSRM closed-door meeting

The secret meeting held on Monday night in Parliament shows that PDM and PSRM are open for collaboration. It is the opinion of several political analysts. Some even speak of a coalition, while others are more reserved. However, they welcome such discussions between representatives of political parties and the country's leadership.

"This meeting itself symbolizes a certain rapprochement that we see between Socialists and Democrats. Usually, during such extended meetings, delicate issues are not discussed regarding the creation of alliances, unless these agreements already exist", said Corneliu Ciurea, political analyst.

"I think it is normal to organize such meetings. On the one hand, the socialists, the prime minister, the president, have to communicate what they want to do, what plans they have, which is the program, on the other hand, the Democratic Party must express its point of view, their proposals ", stated Vitalie Andrievschi, political analyst.

Given that it was a closed-door meeting, political analysts can only come up with assumptions about the topics discussed. It is certain that an eventual coalition would do well for Igor Dodon, in an election year, analysts believe.

"One of the versions is that the political dialogue between the Democratic Party and the Socialist party is intensifying, and that means we can expect to form a new alliance between these two parties. Another version could be that the Democratic Party is trying to activate its political dialogues with other political forces. It is absolutely obvious that the PDM is trying to consolidate its positions, "said Anatol Taranu, political analyst.


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