Analysis. Why is 2018 tax amnesty better than the one from 2012

Ion Chicu, General State Secretary of the Ministry of Finances offered details about the fiscal reform in a post on a social media page. In the post he added a table with the comparative analysis of two tax amnesties from 2012 and the one we have now.

"Dear Friends, 

I hope that my previous posts aimed to explain the fiscal changes that were recently operated made this situation more clear for you.

I added a table to present the comparative analysis of two tax amnesties: the one from 2012 and the one of 2018.

Because of lack of time, now I won't explain the details, but I will do it soon.

P.S.: To be continued", wrote Ion Chicu on his Facebook page.


In the table there are some positive changes. If in 2012, regardless of the amount, no taxes were paid, even if they came from offenses, in 2018, on voluntary declaration, the person is obliged to pay 3 percent of the amount declared.

Similarly, the amnesty proposed for 2018 requires the person to prove the existence of money by depositing in bank accounts from banks in the country, which gives clarity of sources of income compared to the amnesty of 2012 when anyone could declare money without verifying if these exist. 


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