Anabolic pills, weapons and large cash seized by SIS. Superlab, like in Breaking Bad

Eight people suspected of manufacturing and trading smuggled steroids were detained by law enforcement.

PCCOCS together with the SIS and the Customs Service started investigating these suspects 4 months ago after the Romanian press had revealed the information on this infraction scheme. They were detained yesterday.

As a result of search warrant, legal officers found over 10 million lei in the black market, equipment for their production, weapons and munitions worth over one hundred thousand euros, bank cards registered by different IDs as well as special technique for interception of telephone conversations.

Petrivit survey, the group periodically transports an anabolic contraband to the countries of the European Union. If they commit guild, they risk 10 years of jail.

"There were also anabolic steroids supposedly fraudulently introduced in Moldova. They were packed, labeled and then transported across the customs border of Moldova ", said prosecutor Valeriu Bodean.

Investigations still continue.

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