Ana Ursachi used hidden camera to record her clients

The journalists from entered into possession of a video made by Ana Ursachi, the fugitive lawyer involved in a murder case. Previously, the press wrote that during searches in the house of Ana Ursachi, law enforcement officers found a bomb in terms of compromising materials collected painstakingly by lawyer during several years, with special equipment provided by her lover Anatol Stepuleac.

At that time, Ana denied ever having made recordings in a press conference via Skype.

From the images we entered into possession, is seen how Ana fixes the special device (a video camera) between her breasts before meeting with one of her victims on whom she was gathering compromising material.

It seems that it is about another client to whom she offered her services as lawyer. Ana tries to look nice and amiable while she is filming everything with the camera set up between her breasts.

"At the end of the movie a bed is seen, which our sources have told us that it would be the one on which several hot scenes were filmed. How many people passed through the creased linen we can only imagine, or, according to Today sources, in one of the computers belonging to Ana Ursachi was found a lot of porn material" write journalists from Today.

"From the declarations of sources I have learned that after the searches in the house of Ana Ursachi police analyzes the video and audio recordings made by Ana with Renato Usatai, Andrei Nastase, clients, judges, politicians, prosecutors, civil servants. In one of the recordings is also found Dorin Recean when he was Interior Minister and many others.

Ana was using for these purposes her breasts as well as a handbag which had been seized from the searched apartment" writes the cited source.

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