An unauthorized dump site appeared in center of Chisinau

On Dokuceaev street in Chisinau, day by day an improvised dump site. After selling their goods, the merchandisers dump the garbage on a nearby field. The representatives of City hall say that this is a private property, and the owner has to maintain the order.

The dump site starts at 5 meters from the merchants’ tables. Here are dumped boxes, cardboard boxes and other garbage. Still, the merchants claim that they are innocent.

Some people admit that the dump site did not appear suddenly.

The dump site is separated from the road through a bad wall. Also here is a trolley bus station.

The problem was discussed by the Municipal Council. The municipal authorities say that the field is a private property.

If the renter does not maintain the cleanliness, then the municipal authorities will clean the field with money from municipal budget, and the money reimbursement will be requested in the trial court.

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