An alley was arranged at Causeni. Inhabitants of Mateevici village were glad for inauguration

An alley with busts of six Romanian rulers was arranged in Zaim village in Causeni district.

The sculptures represent two princes of Moldova: Alexandru cel Bun and Stefan cel Mare, three of Wallachia, Mircea the Elder, Vlad Tepes and Mihai Viteazul, and Alexandru Ioan Cuza, the ruler of the two United Principalities.

The busts were made of oak wood by the Romanian sculptor Gabriel Cernat and were donated by the mayor of Poiana Campina in Prahova county. 

"Zaim knew them as Mateevici's village, that is, it has a huge cultural and emotional and spiritual load". We have a new tourist attraction for Zaim. "Vlad the Impaler is the greatest attraction, but people know them, but now they are much more attractive", said Ion Veste, Mayor of Zaim village in Causeni. 

The director of the village library says that for years he had waited for an alley of influential historical figures to appear in the heart of the village.

"It is almost my best, Stefan cel Mare, we know that he was the main ruler of the Moldavian country. The years from 1457 to 1504 were very long", said Nina Munteanu, director of the village library. 

"There are three Moldavian rulers and three rulers who are in the habit of counseling: You will not find such works anymore, they are original, they will take time, even if we have to prepare them with oils, they are very resistant, said Ion Gaina, director of the village museum. 

The locals feel honored that such an alley was arranged in the village. Here's what they say about her: 

"The rulers of Moldova have been, of Romania. It is a pride, I say it is very good, I liked it".

"All were the masters of Romania, emperors, lands, how can we not please them? They are beautiful, but here they need some flowers". 

"They are the voivodes of our country, the country of the former Great Romania, if we could say so. They defended our territory".

The Zaim village in Causeni district was twinned with the Poiana Campina commune in Romania two years ago. In order to prepare the Villagers' Hallthe village hall has invested almost 100,000 lei, money from the local budget.

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