Amusement park mascot died after dancing in costume during a heatwave

A man has died after dancing in an amusement park’s mascot costume during a heatwave.

Yohei Yamaguchi died from heatstroke on Sunday in Osaka, Japan.

He donned the outfit for his job as a part-time worker at Hirakata Park, according to The Japan Times.

The costume is believed to have weighed 16kg, while temperatures in Hirakata hit highs of 33.2C on Sunday, writes Independent
The 28-year-old reportedly collapsed after dancing for 20 minutes during a full dress rehearsal.

A colleague called the emergency services at around 8pm but Mr Yamaguchi later died.

Hirakata Park has cancelled all mascot costume events scheduled for the summer in response to the tragedy.

A spokesperson said the park would investigate the cause of the 28-year-old’s death and implement preventative measures.

Mr Yagamuchi was one of 11 people who died in Japan last week due to heat-related medical issues.

A further 5,664 people were hospitalised, with 119 exhibiting severe symptoms of heatstroke, according to Japan’s government.

Temperatures in the country have rocketed since the rainy season ended earlier this month.

On Monday the highest temperature in Japan was recorded in the town of Ibigawa, which saw highs of 37.2C.

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