Amphibious quads in off-road race full of extreme conditions

Around 20 participants competed in an ATV off-road race on 200 kilometers from Old Orhei, Ţipova, Saharna to Şoldăneşti. 

There were full of adventures on the road on these three days. 

"We had to drive over water, mud and my friends had to help me when my ATV overturned. It was a great chance to see the beauty of our country". 

A French man living in Moldova for four years also tried his best in this competition. 

"I'm living in Ialoveni but this's my first time to participate in such race in Moldova. It was thrilling and exciting. I visited forest, rivers".

Organizers said for the race to be successful, the team had to strictly respect the rules and assure sufficient provisions. 

"We slept in tents and stayed under the sky. We stayed up late to discuss", said organizer Nicolai Carp.

The next race will be held in the south of the country. 


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