American survey of IRI: only PSRM, PAS and PDM to pass in Parliament

The results of the most recent survey realized by the International Republican Institute from the USA shows that if next week there will be Parliamentary election in the legislative there will be only three parties.

It is about the Socialist Party, the Democratic Party and the PAS. According to the survey, the socialists have 34% of the elections, the PAS has 23% and for the Democratic party will vote nine percent.

The Communist Party, PDA, ''Partidul Nostru'' and the liberals don't pass the election verge.

The leaders of the parties that don't fit in the future Parliament haven't commented the results yet. The participants of the survey, also answered the question of how active the parties are.


Each second Moldovan considers the most active party is the one of the socialists, followed by the Democratic Party that is considered active of 36% of the interviewed. The party ''Actiune si Solidaritate'' registered only 21%, while the Renato Usatii's party and the liberals have 17% and 12%. Only 215 think the PAS representatives are active and 17% consider the ''Partidul Nostru'' active. Only 12% consider active the liberal party.

The most trustful politicians are: the chief of the country, on the first place, followed by Maia Sandu who received 15%, Andrei Nastase and Pavel Filip who have 6% each and Zinaida Greceanai and Vlad Plahotniuc.

At the end of the rank there are Dorin Chirtoaca and Ilan Shor who have one percent each. The survey was realized between September 23 and October 17 on 1514 people sample on an error of 2,5%.


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