Ambulance on emergency call collided with another car in Chisinau

Last night an ambulance collided with a car, after the driver did not allow it to pass. The impact took place at the intersection of  31 August and Serghei Lazo Street.

Doctors declared that the ambulance was sent to an emergency call.

"We received an emergency call from Telecentru, when suddenly, a car suddenly appeared from the left side of Serghei Lazo Street, we could not fully avoid the collision."

Another ambulance was dispatched to the call. The diver that caused the accident refused to speak in front of the cameras. Luckily none of his three passengers were hurt.

If found guilty, the man risks a 1 500 lei fine and six penalty units.

Two more car accidents took place on the intersection of Mihai Sadoveanu and Alecu Russ Streets, from Ciocana sector of the Capital.

According to the police, the driver coming from Mihai Sadoveanu Street was the one to blame, as he did not allowed the other car to pass and caused the collision. Luckily nobody was hurt.

If found guilty, the man also risks a 1 500 lei fine and six penalty units.

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