Ambassador Peter Michalko: Moldova competent to make progress, reforms aim to improve citizens' welfare

The relationship Moldova - European Union is rock-solid, based on the Association Agreement and the Free Trade Agreement. 

The statement was made by the EU Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova, Peter Michalko.

The official also mentioned that Moldova obtained all necessary tools to ensure the country progress and the reforms' ultimate goals were to offer citizens better life. 

"The development direction of Moldova - EU cooperation is wide agenda of reforms Moldova assumed, which was supported by the EU. 

"The aim of reforms is to improve Moldovan institutions but the ultimate goal is to offer better lives for citizens. 

"As always, the EU provides wide range of support and resources so that Moldova has all the tools to make progress. 

"We need very close cooperation", said the EU ambassador to the Republic of Moldova. 

Likewise, Peter Michalko stressed that the EU was a model with attractive development area and solidarity principles for Moldova and other countries that want to become members.


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