Ambassador of Romania to Moldova, Daniel Ioniță message for Great Union Day

Ambassador of Romania to Republic of Moldova, Daniel Ioniță came forward with a congratulation message for Great Union Day.

"1st of December is a holiday close to Romanians hearts. It is the anniversary of the Great Union Day, when our dreams of freedom, unity and national dignity came true.

1 December is the day when we are grateful for the past and hopeful for the future. In such a solemn day, we must remembered those who shed their blood, worked without a beak and made this holiday possible: Romanian soldiers who fell on the battlefields of the First World War, politicians and deputies who dedicated themselves for this cause, remarkable people promoting our culture and commoners - Romanians from all historic provinces, from the mountains, Moldovans, Transylvanians, Banat Swabians, people of Bihor, Bukovina, Basarabia, Maramureş, Dobruja or any others residing in Romania - who strongly believed in the idea of national union.

Remarkable personalities, such as King Ferdinand, Iuliu Maniu, Ion Brătianu, Nicolae Iorga, Pantelimon Halippa or Onisifor Ghibu must be our guides toward values of freedom, patriotism, social impartiality, mutual respect and tolerance.

1 December does not only celebrates the past, but also a great occasion to connect stronger, in our place in Europe and the world, to be conscious of ourselves and look confident to the future.

We celebrate today Great Union Day - the most significant historic moment - when we consecrated Romania's role to promote peace, justice and development.

Those 99 years of modern Romania, we faced many historic challenges, went throughout wars, Stalinism and Ceaușescu regime. At the same time, we had the big change to win back our freedom - once again through sacrifice - in December 1989, to enjoy democracy, respect for human rights and prosperity.

Now, 99 years later, we speak proudly and with confidence about a modern Romania, active on the international plan, a member state of EU and NATO, anchored by the reality of the XXI century, which can provide confidence and stability for its geographic territory, including Republic of Moldova.

Great Union Day has a special message for Republic of Moldova and will present an occasion to assure themselves that Romania will support our neighbor's European track to the end, as we are tied by a single history, language and traditions.

Congratulations Romania! Congratulations to all Romanians and those who feel themselves our kin!"

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