Ambassador Daniel Ioniţă: Romania to back Moldova with conditions attached to course of reforms

Romania will continue to support any project aimed to improve the Moldovan citizens' lives but the assistance will be conditioned by the way in which the reforms required by the European Union will be implemented. The statement was made by Romanian Ambassador to Moldova Daniel Ioniţă in the talk-show Fabrika on Publika TV. 

"The Romania's assistance to the Chisinau Government will be strictly conditioned by the course of reforms. We've entered a stage when we pay more rapt attention to the statements made by all parts and what they are doing", Daniel Ioniţă said. 

The Romanian Ambassador recalled the projects that the neighboring country has successfully implemented in Moldova such as the renovation of hundreds of kindergartens and the bus donation. He mentioned his disappointment with the lack of gratitude some Moldovan politicians have shown over the Romania's supports. 

"Once the project is completed, the world tends to overlook and move on. It's natural to have an aspirational approach we should not forget what's been done. These achievement must be indispensably carried on pragmatically to serve the Moldovan citizens", said the Romanian diplomat. 

He reiterated that Romania has been the international voice of the Republic of Moldova. 

"If a Romanian diplomat sees the subjects of Moldova included in the discussion topics, he knows he will definitely support the Republic of Moldova without asking anything in return", said Daniel Ioniţă.

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