Amazon's private labels brands are killing it

Amazon’s investment in its own private label products has been paying off, according to a new report. The retailer now competes with vendors via its own products in over a dozen categories, including computer accessories, home goods, pet supplies, grocery items, and more. In some categories, Amazon has even established itself as the online category leadertechcrunch informs.

The findings come from data analytics platform 1010data, whose Market Insights team looked at sales trends from September 2015 to August 2016, specifically focusing on three key categories: batteries, speakers, and baby wipes.

The Amazon Echo data was most interesting in terms of Amazon’s entry into the emerging voice-based computing market, given how little the retailer shares about its sales figures. The report indicated that the Amazon Echo brand now holds a 45 percent market share among the top 10 brands, based on dollars sold, and the Echo speaker itself is the most popular of all those sold online. Its sales have also grown by 67 percent year-over-year.

Amazon as a destination, too, is best poised to take advantage of consumers’ interest in the space, given that its site accounts for 89 percent of total online speaker sales – an estimated $1 billion market, says 1010data’s report.

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